British Gas has developed a wide range of services to protect the homeowner against some of the most common household problems and home plumbing emergencies. Most people are familiar with the British Gas Homecare ® range but believe that it covers problems with gas boilers and central heating systems. Did you know that there are British Gas maintenance plans to deal with not only boilers and heating but also plumbing and drains, home electrical problems and even a service to look after the home appliances in your kitchen.

British Gas deliver their services through their own highly trained workforce consisting of several thousand plumbers and also electricians or drains contractors (through their Dynorod division. This means that you can trust the service that they deliver and this is important as you live in your home and need any issues to be professionally fixed in a quick timescale.

A modern home contains many more components than those of the past, and many of these complex systems need ongoing maintenance to function safely and reliably.

  • Plumbing systems are more complex than they used to be with plastic piping and compression joints
  • Condensing boilers contain pumps and electronics within their casings which can fail and need replacing
  • Heating controls and radiator valves are used to improve energy efficiency
  • Electrical circuits now need to be installed and fixed by trained electricians

When problems happen there are three choices available to you

  • Fall back on your DIY skills and fix the problem yourself
  • Find and call out a local tradesman to effect a repair
  • Contact the company with whom you have taken out a maintenance contract for example British Gas Homecare ®.

Some of us are proficient at DIY some are not, notwithstanding your skill levels there will be times when you will need assistance with home maintenance tasks. When these times arrive you will need reliable heating engineers and plumbers and electricians to call upon, if you have a home emergency you need expert assistance rather than an unskilled rouge who makes matters worse. This is particularly important in an emergency, tradesmen can come in all flavors, skilled, actively learning and incompetent.

This site aims to help you understand some of these choices you have and understand some options available to you from a national company such as British Gas. Our aim is to help you to plan in advance and identify reputable local tradesmen or take out one of the British Gas homecare ® and home maintenance plans before an emergency arrives.

Local Tradesmen

You can try to assess local tradesmen before you need to call upon their services. Ask around your friends and neighbors. Has anyone had a project completed recently, have any of them had a home maintenance emergency and needed to call out a tradesman in a hurry. What was the quality of the work, how timely was the call out, what service standards were exhibited, would they recommend the tradesman to you.

If you can identify a golden nugget take a note of their details and speak to them if you see them attend another project in your area. Building a relationship before you need help with a problem is a good investment.

National Branded Services

Some large companies offer emergency call out services by contracting with local tradesmen(e.g. Homeserve). The service is the same as the above but you get the comfort of a professional contact center / helpline and subsequent billing from this company. You do not get the comfort of knowing that the tradesman has been trained and is employed by the company you are using. Homeserve find tradesmen they do not have them on their payroll. Other national companies go a stage further and provide their own employed skilled tradesmen (e.g. British Gas with British Gas Homecare ®) or provide services through their franchisees (e.g. Dyno Rod). This final group of companies can virtually guarantee the service level you will receive.

Maintenance Plans

You can plan in advance and get priority in an emergency by taking out a home maintenance plan. Low monthly payments mean that you have a 24 hour, 365 day helpline to contact and priority service in an emergency. This can help to reduce the stress of a home emergency although the disruption can not be removed entirely.

Whatever your preference the overriding requirement is that you plan in advance and understand what you will do if you need assistance on a project or need immediate help with a problem. Being prepared will reduce any impact on your family and could reduce the eventual costs.

Read on, this site contains information on the various home maintenance services available so you can make the best choice for you.

British Gas Homecare ®

With British Gas Homecare ® you don’t have to worry about breakdowns or expensive boiler repairs. From as little as £9.00 a month (with £99 excess)[1], you’ll have peace of mind that you can call our customer helpline day or night and an engineer will be with you as soon as possible. You’ll also have the benefit of an annual service check by one of our engineers to ensure that your boiler is working safely and efficiently.

British Gas Homecare ® offers a number of benefits: –

  • More than 6000 highly qualified Gas Safe registered engineers.
  • Unlimited call outs per contract year
  • Parts and labour included [2]
  • Flexible excess levels
  • Customer helpline open 24/7
  • Click here to get a British Gas Homecare ® quote

British Gas provides energy and services to home and business customers throughout Great Britain. They are committed to providing the highest quality workmanship backed up by expert care.

Dyno Rod – Local nationally

Dyno is the UK’s premier repair service, Dyno Rod Engineersoffering rapid professional solutions to home maintenance problems.

Their comprehensive plumbing, drains and security services are available across the United Kingdom and Ireland, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, provided by local teams of fully trained and equipped engineers.

You will have seen the fleet of orange Dyno Rod vans in your neighborhood responding to home emergencies and bringing fast solutions.

The emergency response and service levels Dyno Rod can provide have been refined over many years of serving the public and include: –

  • 24 hour 365 day rapid response service
  • Fixed price quotes
  • No call out charge
  • All work guaranteed
  • Drains services
  • Emergency plumbing response
  • Plumbing installation services
  • Home Burglar Installation
  • Emergency Locksmith and Security services

For British Gas Homecare ®- [1] Prices available to new customers for the first year (Paying by direct debit) and applies to most households outside the M25. Prices for households within the M25 will vary. Prices are subject to change. Your breakdown history will be taken into account in determining next year’s pricing.

[2] Conditions and exclusions apply. £1,000 limit applies for gaining access to systems in order to make a repair.