If you are busy trying to maintain your job and look after your family you probably do not have the time to deal with home emergencies and heating system or electrics breakdowns. In addition so many items in the home now require specialist tools and knowledge or a recognised qualification. For example you can only work on a gas boiler if you have a Gas Safe qualification.

If this summarises your predicament, British Gas Service plans have been developed for you.

British Gas offer an extended array of plans to help to look after your household. Whether it is breakdown protection and insurance for your central heating system, boiler care and annual service, or expert assistance concerning your additional household systems like plumbing & drains, household electrics and kitchen appliance cover there is, in all likelihood, a British Gas Homecare ® breakdown and maintenance policy to accommodate you. Also you can be further protected from unexpected costs with unlimited call outs of their knowledgeable engineers, several of these cover schemes as well address the price of the labour and components so that the cost does not accrue to you.

Regardless of who you acquire your maintenance cover from as a householder you owe it to yourself to study the advantages of taking this type of cover. Unless you have an existing arrangement with a local heating engineer, drain cleaning service or electrician you will be depending upon an obscure local tradesman the following time you get an unforeseen central heating or electrical breakdown.

We recognise that using local experts and professionals can be beneficial once you have found recommendations concerning the caliber of their maintenance work and have checked into 1 or 2 repairs they have accomplished for friends. Immediately after an unforeseen problem or equipment failure you do not have that time to review their work and the telephone pages will be your sole reference point. British Gas Maintenance PlansWith a public company such as British Gas and one of the British Gas Service Plans you recognise that you will be aided by a expert, well trained heating engineer, electrician, drains contractor or plumber.

The first level of cover looks after a single system such as your boiler and controls. This is the core of your central heating system and the most important and expensive part to protect. If you want to extend the help you receive to include all the components in your heating system then the next level of cover offers full central heating system protection.

If you fear that other parts of your home could suffer unexpected problems which would be expensive to cover you can add in, or take separate cover for your plumbing and drains system ( the cold water pipes) and for the home electrics. British Gas are part of the same company that owns DynoRod, the drainage experts. If you take out plumbing and drainage cover as part of your plan you will gain access to the DynoRod drains contractors will be available to help in any drainage emergency you have.

Kitchen appliances can also be protected. Once they are out of their warranty period these sort of time savers become time wasters and unexpected breakdowns require expensive visits from service organisations, many of whom you have never heard of before picking up the telephone. You know how relaxed you feel about a British gas plumber attending your home to service your boiler or deal with a breakdown and you can get this same contentment from their kitchen appliance cover when one of their experienced appliance engineers visits.

Before a problem occurs why not take a look at the many British Gas Service Plans which are available and choose the one that meets your needs. The British Gas site has a handy quotation facility where you can check upon the price before you buy and experiment with different levels of cover to ensure you select the British Gas Service Plan which meets your budget.