One of the main differences between British Gas and your local plumber is the visit from the British Gas Engineer.

British Gas trains its own engineers (plumbers and electricians), running an apprenticeship scheme and committing up to £30 million per annum ensuring that the existing workforce is up to date on the latest regulations and safety standards.

As a national service provider offering British Gas Homecare ® plans covering boiler breakdowns, central heating installations, home electrical breakdowns and plumbing and drains protection they realise that the engineer visit is very important and that the person visiting your home is the ambassador for their services.

One important example of this is the British Gas Boiler Service. The boiler service is designed to identify any problems with your heating system before they result in an unexpected breakdown. Immediately after you take out a service agreement with them they will arrange the First Service and then they will perform an annual boiler service each year that you have boiler or central heating cover with them.

British Gas Maintenance Plans

British Gas Plans

A regular Boiler Service is very important to maintain the safety of your gas boiler and ensure that your central heating system is operating efficiently. The main boiler manufacturers recommend that a boiler service is conducted every year. British Gas exceed this as they also ensure that the system is inspected when you have a central heating insurance plan with them.

Matching the improved service offered by major corporations British Gas will send you a text message several days before your Boiler Service is scheduled to remind you of the appointment. When the engineer arrives he or she will carry a photo ID card so you can be confident of who you are dealing with before you let them into your home.

The most important service feature offered by British Gas is the scheduling of the time of the Boiler Service. Gone are the days when you have to wait in all the day just for the boiler engineer to turn up at your house.
You can now book an appointment at a time that is convenient for you and the engineer will call you before they arrive so you know exactly what is happening.