Drains emergencies can arise at any time and dealing with the impact can be very stressful. If an emergency happens, or if you want drain maintenance services, you want a skilled professional operator who will take the time to help you.

Don’t trust your emergency to unqualified operators.

Dyno-Rod Drainage Clearance and Repair Services have been helping customers for 40 years and can solve your blocked drain emergency quickly.

Phone 0800 084 1122 and the help you need is always ready to help 24 hours a day.

Dyno Rod Drains Services Highlights
  • 24 HOUR Emergency Service
  • NO call out charge
  • All work GUARANTEED
  • Rapid Response nationally
  • FIXED PRICE domestic work*
  • CCTV surveys
  • Full drain repair service
  • Local, fully trained engineers

Drains Experts

Dyno Rod Drains Expert

What’s included?

Dyno-Rod Drain services engineers have an armoury of techniques to use
to ensure that blockages are not only properly cleared but that they do not re-occur.

  • Drain Rodding – blockage elimination with steel rods.
  • High Pressure Water Jetting – powerful water jets converts water into laser cutting jets which strip deposits from pipe walls, flush out waste and restore full flow.
  • Electro-Mechanical Cleaning – Flexible steel cables fitted with blades and cutters cut quickly through debris, hardened deposits, tree roots etc.
  • Drain Repairs – Repairing and renovating drains with the minimum of cost and disruption. Dyno-Rod have a range of solutions from No-Dig technologies including in2 and various lining techniques to excavation repairs.
  • Tanker Jetting – When cleaning larger sewers and culverts and a substantial flow of water (up to 50 gallons a minute) is needed for effective cleaning.

Consumer Tips

  • Every job is fully assessed and quoted for free of charge. The drains clearance service is a fixed price offer, make sure that you get your quotation before any work starts so that you know what price you will pay
  • Don’t let dead leaves and garden waste clog your drains in the summer / autumn, regularly inspect your visible drains channels and clear out waste before it builds up. You might avoid your next emergency and not need to call out the Dyno Rod experts for help.
  • Dyno Rod offer a formal assessment as to how the task will be achieved, available in writing if required. So if you have a complex job make sure that you ask for this so that you know exactly what you are paying for.
  • Getting your drains checked regularly using Dyno-Rod’s CCTV drain inspection service enables you to keep an ongoing check on the structural condition of any drain or section of pipework. If you have an old or problematic drainage system you should consider using this service to avoid very costly emergencies.
Drains Clearance
Emergency Assistance is only a brief telephone call away.

Telephone the Drains Experts

Drains Experts

Service Standards
  • 24-hour, 365-day manned helpline
  • Free Quotations and Fixed Price Work
  • Nationwide coverage with professional drainage engineers
  • All domestic blockage clearance workmanship carried out by Dyno-Rod Drain services engineers is GUARANTEED.
  • Every Dyno-Rod engineer is rigorously trained in line with the strict requirements of ISO 9001 (2000).